Our Story


I’m Clodagh, your hostess at Barrow Lodge where our focus is firmly all about you.

Barrow Lodge is our beautiful home where we are proud to say that our passion for people is matched by our love of this incredible place. We are Kerry through and through!
My husband Niall and I were born and raised in our local area. We grew up here and like so many others of our generation we lived and worked internationally for over 20 years. The longing for home eventually pulled our hearts back to Kerry with our 4 young kids ( and one very large Newfie, one very sassy cat, one very adorable rabbit, and six very feathered ladies!)

And this is where our new life began .....we gave up our international careers and quite accidentally burst into the world of guest hosting. We haven’t looked back. Our new life ignited an untapped joy for the pleasure of meeting such genuinely lovely people from all over the world. It is so clear to see that as people we are drawn to a caring heart and a warm smile like moths to a flame.

I am looking forward to meeting you already.

My warmest wishes to you and yours

Clodagh O'Dowd